Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my favorite song on your site?

Every song on has been added by users like you. If you think a song is great for working out, you can easily add it to our system by using our "Add a Song" form.

Do I need to know the song BPM to add it to

Nope! Just enter the artist and song name on the "Add a Song" form and we'll do the rest.

How do I add a song to my playlist?

Adding a song to a playlist is simple. Just click the green "+" icon (add to playlist icon) that's located next to every song on the site. If you haven't already created a playlist, this will create one for you.

How many playlists can I create?

You can make as many playlists as you'd like. Build one for every day of the week, one for the big race that's coming up, or for any other reason at all.

Do you have an app?

Yep! We have an iPhone/iPod Touch app and we're working hard on our Android version. After that will be Blackberry/Windows Phone.

How do I get my playlist on my portable device?

Right now, the best way to download a playlist to a portable device is to use the "Buy this playlist" link. That will bring you to iTunes where you can download the entire playlist with one click.

If you don't want to purchase the entire playlist, you can download each of the songs individually through iTunes or AmazonMP3 (unfortunately, you cannot download an entire playlist at once through Amazon). You can also find popular remixes of each song from Soundcloud or the Hype Machine by using the links provided in the left-hand column on each song's details page (for example, try the links in the yellow-highlighted box on this page).

When I went to purchase a playlist on iTunes, not every song showed up on the playlist.

Apple is constantly changing their offering of songs. Sometimes, songs can only be purchased as part of an entire album. In other cases, Apple doesn't offer a specific song (or a specific version of a song) in your country. We do our best to make sure all songs are available at all times, but occasionally, Apple has removed or changed a song before we can catch it. Because of this, you may see a playlist in iTunes with a few songs excluded. In that case, please shoot us an email and we'll try to fix it ASAP.

Should I use these songs outside or in my gym?

The songs and playlists are great for both indoor and outdoor exercise. Use them for your spin class, on the treadmill, on the sidewalk, or on a mountain trail. Just remember, NEVER listen to music or use headphones while performing any activity in or near traffic. It's extremely dangerous, and we really don't want you to get hurt.

What's this mapping feature all about?

We were tired of using all the buggy, ad-infested route-mapping tools online, so we built our own. We think it's the best and easiest-to-use mapping feature available. Just start clicking points along your route, and you'll see how far you've gone. The route follows roads and paths by default, but you can easily turn this feature off temporarily. Made a mistake? Either drag & drop any point, or remove it.

Why does it keep adding my songs to a running playlist when I want them in a cycling playlist?

The way we've broken the site up, when you add a song from the "Running" site (the selected exercise in the top black bar), the song will be added to a running playlist (or create one if one doesn't yet exist). If you add a song from the Cycling site, the song will be added to a cycling playlist. If you've already made a playlist in the running section but want it to be for cycling, you can edit your playlist and set the exercise to "Cycling".

How can I get to the walking or cycling site?

You can change your current exercise by clicking the links in the black bar on the top of every page. We have also set up some helper URLs for you to use to skip the extra clicks:

The walking site can be reached by visiting

The cycling site can be reached by visiting or

Why don't you have music for my exercise?

We plan on adding more exercises very soon. For starters, we focused on pace-based exercises (running, walking, cycling) but we plan to add weightlifting, skating, and others in the near future.

If you have an idea for an exercise that we don't currently offer, please let us know!

Do you have an API?

Not yet. We're considering opening our data for API purposes in the future, but have no immediate plans to do so. However, if you are interested, please let us know and we'll try to accommodate you.

I'm an artist, can you add my song?

If you're on iTunes, yes. Just use the "Add a Song" form on the music page. We use iTunes as a sanity check to ensure the accuracy of our song data. We don't have a system in place to bypass our iTunes check, but we will likely be adding one in the future. If you're not on iTunes and you'd like your song in our system, please contact us.

You have the wrong BPM for a song.

Please, let us know by either clicking the "Flag this song" button on the song's detail page, or by emailing us! If you email us, be sure to include which song you think is wrong and why. BPM-accuracy is one of our top concerns. We currently use a highly advanced service to analyze the tempo of each song, and while this is a very efficient method, there is always the chance for inaccurate data. To help ensure BPM accuracy, we re-analyze every song on the website every two weeks. Every day, we manually verify a subset of the music on the site to ensure accurate BPMs. That being said, we're constantly trying to improve our calculations.

Why do you recommend songs at half or double my pace?

We do this for a few reasons. First, it's a pretty standard practice in the tempo-based exercising world. Second, we want to expose you to more music that may inspire you to go that extra mile. And finally, those songs may actually perfect for your pace. To different people, songs can seem to have a tempo that's half or double what we have in our database (see this research paper excerpt for more information). When we calculate the BPM of a song, we try to err towards a higher, or faster, number.

I have a great idea for you!

By all means, let us know. We're always eager to hear new, innovative uses for our site and our data.

I have a question or comment that's not answered here.

Just shoot us an email and we'll get right back to you. We pride ourselves on having a quick response time.