165-180 bpm

This playlist is available in 4 parts:

Songs in this part: How Far We've Come, End of the Line, You Learn, Livin' On the Edge, Runnin' Down a Dream, Monkey Wrench, Footloose, Basket Case, Surfing With the Alien, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Ramblin' Man, Rock and Roll, Middle of the Road, Graduate, Smokin', Wonderwall, How You Remind Me, Vasoline, Take On Me, Push
Songs in this part: You Make My Dreams, Stay Away, I'm a Believer, Holier Than Thou, The Pretender, Interstate Love Song, Foreign Language, King of New Orleans, Adelaid, Crash, Gettin' In Tune, Kiss Me Slowly, Winning, Movielike, The Road I'm On, Younglife, What I Am, Up Against the Wall, The Rescue, Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
Songs in this part: Not the Doctor, Nobody's Home, My Friends Over You, Midnight Rider, Maneater, Good Times, Devour, Crazy, Back 2 Good, 47, Walk of Life, The Redeem Team, Some Day, I Wanna, I Am the Highway, Ex-Girlfriend, Back to Me, American Secrets, A Matter of Time, In This Diary
Songs in this part: Cold

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