Connie.mcgalla's running playlist

This playlist is available in 4 parts:

Songs in this part: Perfect Timing, Road to Acceptance, Waiting for the Night, 2000 Watts, Masters of War, Every Goodbye, The Crystal Ship, Selfless, Cold and Composed, Listen to My Heart, Black and Blue Bird, Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You), Start Somewhere (X-Zach'd Remix), I Need Your Love (feat. Mohombi, Faydee & Costi), Bombers, Silver Springs, 0 To 100 / The Catch Up, Lord (I Don't Know), Five Candles (You Were There), I'll Sue Ya, Fade
Songs in this part: I'm Open, Traveling Riverside Blues, The Dream of the Blue Turtles, The Seer's Tower, Thunderbird, Able, Come to Mama, When I Fall, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Truth No. 2, Wreckless Love, The Wind, Play On, Light Up the Sky, Make You Feel Better, Murder City, It's Late, No More Lonely Nights (Ballad), I'm Not Feeling It Anymore, Southern Air
Songs in this part: Breathe You In, Running to You, New Orleans Instrumental No. 1, On Fire, Black Gives Way To Blue, Revolution Radio, Love Hides (Live), Maybe Someday (LP Version), Kid Gloves, Twisting By the Pool, Moment of Glory, All That I Got (The Make Up Song), They Don't Care About Us, Stepping Stone, Rock This House, Unknown, Up the Hill Backwards (2017 Remastered Version), Over and Out, Put It There, No Man's Woman
Songs in this part: I Think I Found The Culprit, 99 Revolutions, Sixty Years, In My Feelings, Clean, Miles Apart, District 9, Phone In a Pool, Margie, 80

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