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Songs in this part: The Lady Is a Tramp, Voices, Black and Blue Bird, El Amante, It Was You, Infected, Desert, Snitches Get Stiches, The Pick Axe Murders, Take You With Me, Rain, Extinguish, Double Cross, California, Black Angel, Painless, All the Love In the World, Fallback, Hate By Design, Renegades
Songs in this part: Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You), Out of the Blue, There She Is, Trains, The Bonnie Blue, Lately, Lately II, I.R.S., To the End of the Galaxy, Cyberdemon, Inkwell Isle One (Piano), Where's the Van?!, Didn't He Ramble, Burn Slow, Into the Flood, Whisper the Answer, Choke, Little Hospitals, Don't You Go, Peterson (The American Dollar)
Songs in this part: Passive Aggressive, L'enfer et moi, Running, Thunderbird, Baby Got Back, Black Gives Way To Blue, Bang Bang, Put It There, Footprints, Takeoffs and Landings, Shadows In the Flame, White Heat, Red Hot, Falling, Mega Man 2 Theme (Dr Wily's Castle) [From "MegaMan II"], Makeshift Love, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Forever Stuck in Our Youth, Insensitive, Can't Hide (feat. Ashe), Don't Give In
Songs in this part: Deadfriends, Built to Fall, Beware, Almost, Seeing Is Believing, Mary Ann, Blood Loss, Nimble Bastard, Big Time Boppin' (Go Man Go), Incomplete, Pine Woods, La La, Dead Souls (Cyberluke Remix), She's out of Her Mind, Give Me the Night, Sweet Talk, Shut Em Down, Revolution Radio, Kids In America, Able
Songs in this part: Fade, Rose of the Devil's Garden, Green Grass of Tunnel, Come to Mama, The Undertow, The Legend Is True!, Scared of Yourself, White Noise, Esto Es Perreo, One More, Raise Your Voice, Over Me Now?, Tequila, Anywhere but Here, I Found a Way, Family Reunion, Counting to Sleep, Waking Dream, So Far So Good, Ain't Gonna Die While Sitting Down
Songs in this part: Party Animals (feat. General Elektriks), Cliffs Remix (arr. D. DeSantis), We Were Here, My Time, My Girl, Oh You! (feat. Stephanie Yanez), The Boston Come All Ye, The Wasteland, Brave Radar, Not Good For Me, Catching Fire, Blind Fighter, Core, Fire Aura, Thunderbird, Illusion, Tears Over Beers, Indivisible, The Impossibility of Reason, Little Bit Lost
Songs in this part: Plumage, Swallowed, Better Together, Light It Up (feat. Nyla), Here To Die, Quest for Ships, Nancy the Tavern Wench, One Last Night, Spitting Venom, Pleasure In Pain, Indifferent to Suffering, Melo Melo, Bad Girls, Terminal March, Heart Made to Be Mine, Hands, March Madness, Assquake, Lluna Nova, Mojo So Dope
Songs in this part: Illusion (Live), Veneer, The Sons of Odin, We Are One, Truth No. 2, Lethean, S.C.A.V.A., Daze Blue (feat. Nikita Shailesh), Devils Head, Start Somewhere (X-Zach'd Remix), This Is Now, Daylight Dies, Stupid and Shallow, Family, You Hid, Mortal (Instrumental), Clean, The Man Who Came from Later, Rusted Embrace, One For You
Songs in this part: Far from Heaven, I'm Henry the VIII, I Am, Í Draumi, To the Sons of Man, Maybe Someday (LP Version), Call It Grace, Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, We Are All Animals, Monster

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