This playlist is available in 7 parts:

Songs in this part: Objection (Tango), GO, Gold Guns Girls, Sassafras Roots, Beautiful Tragedy, 2000 Watts, Love Like Woe, They Don't Care About Us, Maria, Everlasting Light, Love I've Found In You, Five Candles (You Were There), Can't Buy Me Love, Real Good Man, I Guess You Had to Be There, Paris (Ooh La La), Metaphor, Christian's Inferno, Breaking the Girl, Three Point One Four
Songs in this part: Make You Feel Better, The Race Is On, I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound, Requiem for a Dying Song, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Karma Chameleon, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Fall to Pieces, Ain't That Right, If I Could Turn Back Time, What Would You Do, Endlessly, She Said, It's Far Better to Learn, Lady Jesus, Hocus Pocus, Know Who You Are, Everything to Me, Holding Someone's Hair Back, Keep Me, Eternally Missed
Songs in this part: Savory, Incomplete and Insecure, Question!, Automatic, Intuition, Come Again, Muramasa, Zero Signal, Suck, Angel Monster, Living On the Edge of the World, Outta Control, Massachusetts, The Lung, Half a Life, Whatever Gets You By, Bada Bing! Wit' a Pipe!, I Can't See Myself, Do Me a Favour, So Long, Astoria
Songs in this part: Carry You, Destroy the Map, Take It Easy On Me, Come Back Song, Sorry Safari, Trash, Big Log, Blue, Rock and Roll, Blitzkreig Bop, Try Not to Breathe, Happening, What I Am, Waiting for the Night, The River, Woke Up This Morning (Detroit Mix), Madness, Speed, So Sad to Say, Make This Go On Forever
Songs in this part: Standing On The Outside, All for Swinging You Around, Love You, Body Rap, 365 Days, The Warrior's Code, My Eyes Burn, A Beautiful Plan, Fall, The Way I Am, Dandelion, Julius, Later On, Louisiana, Hurts Like Heaven, Early Morning, Maudlin Street, Living Without Love, Primitive Man, Sounds Below the Sun, Keep Myself Awake
Songs in this part: If It Wasn't for You, Wouldn't Believe It, Young In America, Heart and Soul, He Cried, Laura, Food Fight!, Coyote, Bicycle Race (Lang Race Mix), Sixty Years, Screenwriters Blues, Into Your Arms, Emotional Echoes, Slow Cheetah, Animal, Down That Dusty Trail, Stripped, Obvious Bicycle, Running Up That Hill, It Gets Me High
Songs in this part: 5:15 the Angels Have Gone, 18 Wheeler, The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, Triangle Walks, Hall of the Mountain King, Two Coins, Broken Sound

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