120 bpm workout

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Songs in this part: We Don't Believe What's On TV, 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum), Talking Body, 피노키오 (Danger), Gasoline, Hurricane, Control, Cake by the Ocean, The Sound, This Side of Paradise, Message Man, Hometown, You're My Best Friend, Make Me Like You, Blue, Give It All, Albatross, Cleopatra, Fall Away, Hard Times
Songs in this part: Sign of the Times, Her Love Is My Religion, GIRLS GIRLS, How to Save a Life (New Version), Nostalgic, Heroin, Fire, Nevermore, No-One But You (Only the Good Die Young), on Drugs, Pink Triangle, The Bakery, She's Thunderstorms, Heart Out, Rainbow, Jolene, Bad at Love, Hyper Music, Flawless, Butcher's Hook
Songs in this part: Youngblood, Keep Myself Alive, Supermassive Black Hole

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Due to a limitation in iTunes, we must split this playlist into multiple parts.

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