This playlist is available in 5 parts:

Songs in this part: Maria, It Was You, Makeshift Love, Sweet Talk, Revolution Radio, Monster, 80, Lazaretto, One For the Road, 1,000 Hours, Panic Song, Golden, Without a Fight, Crystalline, Madness, Eternally Missed, Do Me a Favour, Hurts Like Heaven, Total Job, Make You Feel Better
Songs in this part: Don't Stay, Three Point One Four, Swing Life Away, Christian's Inferno, Over and Out, I Think I Found The Culprit, 99 Revolutions, Brat, Cash Grab Complications On the Matter, Expecting, I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again, So Alone, Black Math, Ha Ha You're Dead, Just Like You, Let's Dance, Carbonara Not Glue, Judy Is a Punk, Listen to My Heart, I Don't Care About You / Look At Your Game, Girl
Songs in this part: It's Late, Worthless, 5:15 the Angels Have Gone, Architects, Waiting for the Night, Custard Pie, GO, Raw Power, Love Hides (Live), Dreaming, Stripped, Rock and Roll, Masters of War, The Dope show, Question!, Last Resort, Enemy, Infected, California, I.R.S.
Songs in this part: Put It There, She's out of Her Mind, S.C.A.V.A., Clean, Maybe Someday (LP Version), Breathe You In, All Along, Come Out Swinging, Hall of the Mountain King, Eaten Up Inside, Breakthru, Taking Over Me, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Stand Up Comedy, Nobody's Fault, Long Way Home, Humanity, Give In to Me, One Fine Day, Blinded By Rainbows
Songs in this part: The Times They Are A-Changin', Straight from the Heart, I Don't Care (feat. Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace), Bonzo's Montreux, Fever, Last Man Standing, Back In Brazil

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